Body and Bathroom Sprays

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Due to the high traffic at the farmers market, our online soaps are on a limited supply until mid September. The rain and humidity has slowed down the drying time with many soaps but I plan on having them all available Sept 15th thru the 20th. Thank you for your patience.

Last Dance Ranch Body Spray

Body and Bathroom Sprays


The sprays are made with Distilled water, witch hazel, glycerin, polysorbate 20, optiphen ND, and a fragrance.

All our body and bathroom scents are made with the same ingredients and are interchangeable. Use as a body scent from head to toe. Use in your car, bathrooms (Use like poo-pourri), house and anywhere you want to add a nice fragrance. Use the Lavender to spray your pillow and sheets for a calm affect at night.

2 oz glass spray bottle



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