Goat Milk Lotions

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Goat Milk Lotions


All lotions are made with fresh goats milk, which is pasteurized. I add distilled water, Shea butter, avocado, hemp, apricot and olive oils. Stearic acid is added for thickening and emulsfying wax is added to bind the oils with the liquids. Glycerin is added to hold moisture in. I add optiphen plus as a preservative. All this makes for a creamy hydrating lotion you’ll love. The lotions should have about a year shelf life.

(3 customer reviews)

We have two types of Goat Milk lotions.

  1. We offer a Body Lotion with a choice of many different scents, all are 8 oz and have these ingredients: goat milk, water, Shea butter, avocado, olive, apricot, & hemp oils, emulsfying wax, stearic acid, glycerin, optiphen, and fragrance.
  2. We also offer a mature face lotion with a standard scent, it is 8oz and has these ingredients: goat milk, water, Shea butter, avocado, hemp, apricot, Meadowood oils, emulsfying wax, stearic acid, evening primrose,, rosehip, morning seed oil, green tree extract, vit E, glycerin, optiphen, and frankincense essential oil.


3 reviews for Goat Milk Lotions

  1. Bonnie Golden

    I love this face lotion! I’m so glad I stumbled onto your booth last summer and found you here.

    • The Last Dance Ranch

      So happy you are enjoying the face lotion. I really think after years of using it everyday it has helped the process of aging into my 60s more acceptable! Thank you for the review

  2. Starla David

    Outstanding product, locally made with much love. I bought two bottles at the Flagstaff Farmer’s Market and I’m hooked! Also bought a silky smooth body butter scrub. Scents are feminine and soft–love everything I purchased. Will be ordering online after the Farmer’s Market is closed for the winter.

    • The Last Dance Ranch

      Thank you! It would be nice if our market was a little longer that is why we needed an online store. 6 months is way to long to wait! Love the nice review thank you.🥰

  3. Kimberly

    This lotion is amazing!!! I’m not typically that in to lotion, but I tried a sample at the farmer’s market just because, and I had to circle back around and buy some! It smells so good, and my skin has been so soft all day.

    • The Last Dance Ranch

      It is hard to go without lotion living in AZ. Doesn’t matter season or geography it is so dry. The goat milk lotion is so good for your skin and very nurturing. So glad you really like it. It’s like wearing a wonderful scent all the time.

    • The Last Dance Ranch

      Thank you so much for the review. Yep our lotions are pretty great. Love that you love them ❤️ 😍

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